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Braceland? Don’t we mean Graceland? Close! But, Elvis didn’t exactly live here and this clearly isn’t Tennessee! Welcome to Braceland Orthodontics, founded in 1989 by Board Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Percy “Bud” Luecke III in San Antonio, Texas. His passion for great music and developing custom treatments with braces and Invisalign, inspired the idea of an Elvis themed Orthodontic office. Great music, a fun atmosphere and a life sized statue of the “King” himself, reside in Braceland Orthodontics, right here in the great city of San Antonio! We take pride in creating a unique and professional environment that will leave a lasting impression on all of our visitors for years to come. Dr. Bud Luecke has created quite a reputation for himself in South Texas and is often referred to as the “Elvis Doctor.”

At Braceland Orthodontics, we understand that each patient's Orthodontic needs may vary, and that no set of teeth is the same. This is why we provide each of our patients with treatment options as unique as they are. Whether you're looking for traditional metal braces, or would like a more discreet option such as Invisalign®, Braceland Orthodontics has a treatment option that is right for you.

At Braceland Orthodontics, Dr. Bud Luecke offers a variety of Orthodontic techniques and Orthodontic appliances with a conservative, yet custom approach. We start seeing children as early as age 7, and teenagers and adults of all ages. Our initial exams are always complimentary and includes pictures, x-rays and a full exam. When a Orthodontic treatment plan is presented for braces, Invisalign or anything in between, an interest-free treatment fee estimate will also be provided. You will know exactly what to expect at each appointment for braces and Invisalign as well as what it will cost.  As long as you are committed to having a great smile, we will be committed to maintaining the highest quality braces and Invisalign treatments to serve you.

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Dr.Luecke from Braceland Orthodontics located in San Antonio, Texas.

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Dr. Percy “Bud” Luecke

As a practicing Orthodontist in San Antonio, Dr. Bud Luecke has been dedicated to finding ways to improve comfort and quality of Orthodontic treatment for his patients. Early on, Dr. Luecke was a pioneer in the industry as he piloted the early development of Invisalign®. Since its early stages, Invisalign® has sought out the expertise of Dr. Luecke as a clinical advisor. Continuing the journey toward advancing technologies, Braceland Orthodontics was also the first practice in San Antonio to offer the ITERO scanner - a machine that takes 3D digital impressions of teeth! Dr. Luecke’s mission has always been to serve San Antonio and our surrounding community with innovative technology and a forward thinking approach to customer services by adapting to the changing Orthodontic needs in our city. Braceland Orthodontics is committed to providing a positive and customized Orthodontic experience for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our reward is literally the smile of our patients.


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Dr.Luecke from Braceland Orthodontics located in San Antonio, Texas.
Dr.Luecke from Braceland Orthodontics located in San Antonio, Texas.