ITERO Scanner

What is ITERO?

Essentially, the ITERO Scanner is a wand used for orthodontic imaging. It allows our staff, at Braceland, to capture a 3D model of your teeth and bite so that custom Invisalign® aligners can be created for your specific needs. Gone are the days when impressions had to be taken the traditional way. With ITERO, you'll simply sit back and let the magic happen.


What are the Benefits of ITERO?

Using ITERO is a quick and painless process that streamlines the orthodontic process in ways not possible with previous technologies. Benefits of Using ITERO include:


•No more messy, gummy or goopy impressions with traditional impression techniques

•Quick and simple impressions taken in one appointment

•Completely pain-free scanning

•Accurate 3D digital scanning to create the most precise set of aligners


Is ITERO Available Everywhere?

The technology offered by ITERO is only available in select orthodontic offices. At Braceland, we're proud to present ITERO Element; the latest and most advanced imaging technology available to work with Invisalign®.


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