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Thanks for taking a moment to check out this awesome part of our site! This is where we get the chance to share some of the cool things we find online and, of course, some of the many cool things that happen at Braceland every day. Take a moment to look through our collection of favorite YouTube® videos or listen to the tracks that make being on-hold at Braceland anything but a boring experience.

Please Remain on the Line...

The phones at Braceland process over 100 calls per day. With that kind of call volume, eventually, someone will have to spend some time on-hold. But at Braceland, as strange as it may sound, callers sometimes dial our number just so they can ask to be put on-hold. If you haven't heard the on-hold medley that Dr. Luecke wrote, performed, and recorded to entertain his callers; take a moment to listen now:

Title: Waitin on Braceland

Artist: Dr. Percy "Bud" Luecke

Album: Off the Hook EP

© Braceland Records 2016

Title: Elvis on Hold

Artist: Airwave Dave

Album: Off the Hook EP

© Braceland Records 2007

At Braceland, we love a great YouTube® video as much as the next guy. Below, you'll find a collection of some of our favorite videos on the Internet and of some of the crazy things we've filmed right here, at Braceland:

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