Orthognathic Surgery

What is it?

Orthognathic Surgery is a corrective jaw surgery used to treat and correct abnormalities of the facial bones. These problems usually arise from a size discrepancy between the upper and lower jaw bones creating bite problems and negative effects on facial esthetics. These abnormalities typically cause a variety of difficulties associated with chewing, talking, sleeping, and other routine activities. Correcting these jaw discrepancies with orthodontics and orthognathic surgery will lead to a healthy bite and well balanced facial profile.

How Does it Work?

Options for combined orthodontic and surgical treatment will be presented based on the findings of your first consultation. Some patients have both a surgical and non surgical treatment options and others can be best treated with a surgical approach only. In cases in which surgery is considered, treatment is planned together between your orthodontist and an oral surgeon. Therefore, as an initial step, you will be recommended to have a consultation with one of our oral surgeons to outline your treatment plan and also so you can learn more details about surgery.

You will start with orthodontics (braces or Invisalign®). Your surgery will be scheduled during treatment (usually a few months into treatment) once our doctors and your surgeon feel that your bite is ready for jaw surgery. After surgery is done you will continue your braces or Invisalign® treatment to fine tune and detail your smile.

The results of orthognathic surgery are incredibly positive from a functional, esthetic and self esteem point of view. Our patients usually express how happy they are to have taken this step as part of their treatment.

Do I Need Jaw Surgery?

There are a number of different issues that can be addressed through orthognathic surgery. If you are experiencing any of the issues outlined below; ask about your options during your next consultation or appointment.

Difficulty swallowing or chewing


Protruding jaw or receding chin


Sleep apnea or troubled/impaired breathing

Open or elongated bite


Unbalanced or undesirable facial symmetry and profile


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