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5 out of 5 based on 14 user reviews.

By Rebecca Willaford, 28 - Invisalign


"Dr. Luecke and his staff were an incredible team of professionals who made my experience fun and memorable. I highly recommend Braceland to anyone considering braces or Invisalign®!"

By Elizabeth Martinez, 27 - Braces


"Dr. Luecke literally changed my life around with my new smile that I could never imagine! He's the best!"

By Jessica Martinez, Parent; Two Daughters - Invisalign and Braces


"It is amazing to see the new found confidence that my daughters have gained throughout their process. Braceland Rocks!"

By Ian Woodhull, 31 - Invisalign


"I have not been anywhere else nor would I want to go anywhere else! Braceland is the crème de la crème of orthodontics!"

By Brenda Davila, 37 - Braces


"Over the past few years I have been researching orthodontist and have even had consultations but I never felt more comfortable and welcomed then I did at Braceland. Dr. Luecke and his staff are amazing. I have just started the process of getting braces after 35 years and I am truly excited to know that I am in some great hands. I look forward to a long relationship with Braceland as my three little ones will have a great orthodontist to look forward to. I recommend this place hands down!!"

By Suzanne Parker, 50 - Braces


"What an amazing team! I love Dr. Luecke’s kind spirit! And then there is Sarah, Kay, and the rest of the support staff: sweet, funny and of course efficient, speedy, and gentle. Love the professionalism!! Plus I can’t wait to see the results of my Invisalign!"

By Satoko Hasegawa, 27 - Retainers


"I got my braces in Austin, but I needed a new retainer so I went to Braceland. Dr. Luecke and his assistants were amazing! I’m so glad I went here."

By Katie Kirk, 26 - Braces


"Braceland has some of the most incredible staff I've ever seen... From working HEB, to fancy steak houses, to photography, to day cares, to hospitals, to working 911 for fire and EMS, you don't just find their selective staff anywhere. There, their attitude is so positive, refreshing, and rare. From their professionalism to their humor and genuine desire to help people have a better life with a perfect smile, they make the impossible, quite possible. No matter your age or severity of work to be done, they give you nothing short of dignity, compassion, and respect. I recommend anyone with the desire to improve their smile to go to Braceland! Dr. Luecke's decorations of Elvis are unique and appealing; you won't leave without a smile!"

By Brandie Perry, Parent; Daughter - Invisalign


"I would definitely recommend Braceland to anyone who is looking for orthodontic services. I took my daughter there for her Invisalign treatment. I can’t say that I found anything negative from our time at their office. From the front office staff to Dr. Luecke himself everyone was very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. They cater to you individually and they made her feel comfortable. The atmosphere is fun and unlike any other."

By Destine Palacios, 23 - Braces


"I’ve had braces on for the past two years and I just wasn’t satisfied with the results. I went to Braceland to consider having braces put on again, and was truly shocked. Braceland employees (as well as Dr. Luecke) really show a skeptical customer how to be treated. I honestly could not think of one bad thing to say. I’m so happy I decided to go with Braceland. Best decision ever!"

By Gil Garza, Parent; Daughter - Invisalign


"Braceland is a fine example of the best service and healthcare one can receive. It’s hard not be excited about coming back!"

By April Fernandez - Invisalign


"Love, Love this office!! Dr. Luecke spends quality time with all his patients! The entire staff is awesome, friendly, and accommodating! Dr. Luecke is an expert with Invisalign! I always enjoy my visits to Braceland!!"

By Monica Duck, 34 - Braces


"I recommend Dr. Luecke and staff because they put a comfort in the fear of the beginning stages of braces. The establishment is full of laughs; I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. Thank you for all you have done. :-)"

By Michelle Nemerow


"Super friendly staff! Dr. Luecke is awesome. They make you feel welcome. Each time I have gone I was seen on time. Love the whole office aura! Would highly recommend!!!"

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